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Yeah. Irish jokes. We get a lot of that here.

I used to think I had much French but no Irish ancestry, based on family lore. Then I looked it up on ancestry.com and couldn’t find a lick of French (beyond my grandmother’s family having a French-sounding name) and several forebears who at least set sail from Ireland.

DNA testing wasn’t helpful here. They lump French and German together (and I definitely had a German grandma) and then all of the British (of which I am upward of 60%).

I think how this ethnicity thing works, I’m thus permitted to make Irish but not French jokes.

Psych! Everyone makes French jokes.

We are currently semi-binge-watching a French cop series called Spiral. Yes, it’s in French with subtitles and I don’t usually like subtitles, but we’re enjoying it very much.

Dark? Very, very.

Uncle B and I both took French classes as pups and we bark like seals when we understand a French word. Which isn’t all that often because those people talk fast.

March 15, 2021 — 7:53 pm
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