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Remember this?

Remember this thing? It’s a relic of around 2000 AD called soda constructor. It’s a little 2D creature simulator. The straight lines are bones or muscles, the dots are joints. When you’ve built a thing and you’re happy with it, run the simulation and it…does stuff.

Walks. Hops. Adjust the stiffness, friction and gravity. And K. I’ve forgotten what K is.

Here’s an interesting interview with the creator, Ed Burton.

The thing in the picture is the default creature. I played with it years ago and managed to shake it up so badly it broke. Lay on the ground quivering. I felt surprisingly awful about that (because I’m an anthropomorphizing moron).

I went to find it today and hit a lot of broken links, but finally managed to find a working version here. Oddly, in the instructions the author says it’s strictly for beta testing and please don’t share the link, so I dunno if I should’ve.

Seems fully working and true to the original. Try a few pre-built models. The default creature is daintywalker.xml. But don’t tell ’em I sent you.

September 1, 2021 — 8:04 pm
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