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We’re all going to dieeeeeeeeprobably not

Twenty years ago, some dude wrote a paper about the volcano on La Palma in the Canaries. He thought the West face of the Cumbre Vieja volcano was unstable and, given another eruption, might shear off and fall into the sea.

You know, Cumbre Vieja. The one that’s erupting right now.

If the West face fell into the sea, he estimated it would generate a tsunami that would cross the Atlantic and reach the Eastern Seaboard seventy-five feet high.

Where the silly numbers in the illustration come from, I do not know. I found it here, but there’s no credit.

Only 23 feet for us, though it really doesn’t matter. We’re on the shores of the English Channel and slightly below sea level. A 23-foot wave hitting us might as well be 300 feet. We’d be goners.

There is precedent. They think Doggerland was sunk by a piece of Norway that slid into the sea 8,000 years ago.


September 22, 2021 — 7:11 pm
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