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I’ve had ’em all and they was lousy

Didja catch the stampede this week? Twitter put the kibosh on Marjorie Taylor Greene (a woman I’ve worked very hard to learn nothing about) and everyone went galloping over to GETTR. I went to register my handle and it turns out I’d already registered it in July. I’m such a social media slut.

I just can’t keep my yap shut.

Gab. Didn’t like the atmosphere, didn’t like the founder. It had a revival meeting kind of vibe.

Parler. I like Dan Bongino and I would be pleased if he succeeeded. They done him dirty, trying to muscle Parler out before it got started. Last I was there, though, it was really slow and infested with “buy a Donald J Trump commemorative lucky coin!” spam.

Unflappabl. This one is small and struggling to get going. They tried fundraising at the start, which seemed a little unsavory. I see more of them on Twitter than their own site.

GETTR. Closest in look and feel to Twitter. Maybe even actionably so. Rumored to have been founded by a shady Chinese spy, so keep your Tienanmen celebrations to yourself.

Who knows what Trump’s thing will be like. Supposedly happening next month.

Philosophically, my heart is still with the Fediverse – hundreds of decentralized individually owned servers voluntarily interlinking. It has a real Internet 1985 feel. Unfortunately, it has a real Internet 1985 interface. It’s crying out for someone to build a slicker front end for it. (For a while, Gab was connected to the Fediverse, but Torba cut contact). I considered asking my host if I could operate a node, but I didn’t think you guys would be very interested.

If you’re looking for me, where e’er you go, I am @sweasel (or sometimes @stoaty) on social media and AuntieWeasel on gaming platforms. Except Epic Games, where I’m AuntieWeaselx because I guess I registered AuntieWeasel at some point and then forgot my login credentials.

I am *way* too online.

January 5, 2022 — 8:12 pm
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