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This is what I’m doing tonight

We got a quadruple load of wood today. We’re expecting high winds and heavy rain tonight. My job is to check the CCTV from time to time to make sure the tarp hasn’t blown off. I’m just about up to it.

It dipped into the low twenties last night. Very unusual here – it does it maybe once or twice per Winter, if at all. I had to boil a kettle to unfreeze the chickens’ water this morning.

That wouldn’t be impressive in Rhode Island, but a 500 year old house on the shores of the English Channel gets cold. I mean, really cold. I don’t know what the insulation R-value of wattle and daub is, but it can’t be good.

No power on earth could drive me out of this comfy chair with my two (2!) hot water bottles and my large fat cat.

Dead Pool tomorrow! Be here, but bring your own hot water bottle!

January 6, 2022 — 7:46 pm
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