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The sheep show!

It’s finally here – the Summer agricultural show season! First of the year last Saturday, and it was *huge*. We usually don’t go to this one as it clashes with another one, but it didn’t this year.

Behold – the sheep show. Dude had a little standup routine about each of these sheep and its particular virtues. Different breeds, you see. After which, a sheep popped out of the door in front and he sheared it for us.

Very amusing. If you’d like to see a picture big enough to read all their names – because of course you would – I got you.

There’s another show starting tomorrow. Stand by for livestock…!

p.s. Today was also the start of a four-day national holiday for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. They light the beacons tonight (no, Tolkien didn’t make that up). I’d love to see it in person – they may not light them again in my lifetime – but none of the local beacons are convenient to park and walk up. We’ll watch it on TV.

June 2, 2022 — 7:44 pm
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