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I don’t believe this…!

Remember that baby badger I posted about earlier this week? The one that ended up in the wildlife rescue?

Durnedyankee posted a link to this Daily Mail article and asked if that was our badger being molestered by Johnny Depp? And I said no, that badger is named Freddie and they named ours Bertie, but that is the same wildlife rescue outfit.

Turns out, that is the same badger. The rescue phoned our neighbor today and asked if it was okay to rename it, as Depp wanted to call it Freddie Mercury.

The picture has now made all the papers. I find that unutterably bizarre.

I’m disappointed we didn’t go see the beacons lit last night. I thought we’d watch it on TV. The BBC showed one (1) beacon being lit, after which they walked around and asked people about their feelings.

The absolute state of journalism today.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

June 3, 2022 — 4:49 pm
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