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Ya think?

Well, it made me laugh. Also, please note the police don’t suspect it’s arson, they suspect it’s suspected arson. And that one sad, lonely quotation mark…perfect!

The actual story is boring. Though I note that they as

I picked up my new glasses today. I’ve been careening around with my head tilted to one side dealing with old pairs of glasses with one missing earpiece. I think I have five pairs now.

They did the exam two weeks ago. I paid an extra £10 for a 3D scan and then the examiner and I flew around the inside of my eyeballs like we were fixing to take out the Death Star. I have shallow fissures inside that are apparently not dangerous. It was kind of creepy, honestly.

They said a week to ten days on the glasses, but to call them if two weeks went by. That really should have been a hint. It’ll be two weeks tomorrow, and sure enough – my glasses have apparently been rattling around in the office for who knows how long.

What happened to making them while you wait? Nah, don’t answer that. I think we’re going to have to get used to shit service for a while, and covid is the scapegoat.

June 20, 2022 — 8:02 pm
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