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Happy birthday!

Clarence Thomas turns 74 today. I’m not going to pretend I read a *lot* of Supreme Court decisions, but when I do, Thomas is the best – his decisions are clear and explicable and his opinions are written that way.

Which is weird because English isn’t his first language. He grew up in a Georgia community speaking a creole dialect called Gullah. At least, that’s what Wikipedia told me.

Why on earth George Bush brought in a newbie to be Chief Justice when Thomas was Right There, I will never know.

Even if you don’t usually indulge in Twitter, today would be good day to take a peek. Lefty Twitter is going gaga over the gun ruling today.

If they strike down Roe v. Wade this week, I do think Twitter will spontaneously combust.

June 23, 2022 — 6:54 pm
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