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Queeny cuppy cakes

Yes, the missing one is the one I bought. It was nice. I like cuppy cakes.

Nothing much to say for myself today. My little pigeon had vanished, as expected, but whether he flew off into the sunset or was eaten by the cat, I couldn’t say. No other pigeon has yet claimed the nest, though quite a few of them auditioned for it today.

Lavendergirl has won the dick with Deborah James, dead aged 40. Sad story, that. She was a school teacher until she was diagnosed with bowel cancer and spent her remaining years raising money and journalisming about cancer.

You know what that means? Yes, you do! Yes, you do! New Deadpool tomorrow. Be here, 6 WBT, and we will contemplate mortality together.

Nah, just kidding – we’ll laugh and chat and mark celebrities for death.

June 30, 2022 — 8:00 pm
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