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What are people living on?

I attended a meeting today with several other local ‘heritage’ businesses – a tourist information center, a couple of local museums, that sort of thing. Hoping to pool our resources in, erm, trying times.

For one, we can’t get volunteers. None of us. They just didn’t come back after lockdown. Bless ’em, a couple of our best died (not covid, we’re just a terribly old organization).

But we can’t get paid staff, either. I gather this is a problem in all sectors, up and down the country. It’s like people got a taste of not working during the lockdown and decided they rather liked it.

Surely, though, everyone still has a mortgage and groceries to buy. How are they paying the bills?

That’s the silver lining if we really do have a desperate hard winter – at least we’ll all be able to get paid staff! Pollyanna, that’s me.

Please enjoy this picture of fat kitty that Uncle B took on Sunday. Yes, we still have some things in bloom, though looking decidedly tired. One day, he’s going to forget he shared access to his Google pictures account and hilarity will ensue.

See you back here tomorrow for Dead Pool Round 159.

October 13, 2022 — 4:45 pm
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