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So it’s going to be that kind of winter, is it?

Sometimes, it’s like someone flips a switch and it’s winter. I need to do one last mow, but the rain stretches before me unendingly. It won’t be dry enough again until spring.

One thing I’ve learned here: if a country looks lush and green, that’s a place where it rains. A lot.

The forecasts are hopeless – a little island stuck in a turbulent sea, who’s surprised? – so I rely on the satellites.

It’s weird. Living on the Eastern side of the States, I’m used to seeing the weather come at me, left to right, for days (except occasionally in hurricane season).

It’s not like that here. Weather usually comes up diagonally, from southwest to northeast, following the line of the Channel – but by no means always. Those little blobs can come from anywhere – and when they come straight down from the north, it’s eeevil.

Anyway, rain. For the weekend and beyond. You have a good one!

October 21, 2022 — 6:52 pm
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