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The worst chicken house ever bodged together by human hands. Yes, the roof doesn’t align, like, at all. Yes, the door is held shut by a twisted bit of wire (it was fully 1/8th of an inch too tall to fit in the frame).

Finally, I called Uncle B out and we hit it with hammers until it submitted. I’m not done ‘finishing’ it, but I have a feeling we’ll be covering the roof in tarpaper. Honestly, it could not possibly have gone together the way the ‘instructions’ said it would.

Moe will be warm and dry and have a proper perch to sleep upon, so I’m calling it a win.

As for the red wave that didn’t, I haven’t much to say – except that it is extremely unusual for the betting shops to get it this wrong. Pollsters, yes. People with money on the line, not so much. I think we’re in uncharted waters and the old rules no longer apply – for whatever reason.

I’m’a dip out of politics for a while, until I can act less butt-hurt.

November 9, 2022 — 3:56 pm
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