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Weasel fall down, go ouch

I caught my toe in something yesterday and did a faceplant in the chicken run. The filthy, muddy chicken run. I’m not badly hurt – I biked into work this morning – but I’m sore and inclined to feel sorry for myself.

The terribly pixelated image is Willy Weasel, punching bag of the Tufty Safety Club. I’ve written about Tufty before. Willy got an icecream, so they ran over him with a car.

They ran over him at least twice in that series, but I’m sure I remember one where Willy gets hit and spins around three times in the air while the slide whistle goes woo-woo-woo.

It’s enough to give a weasel a persecution complex.

November 14, 2022 — 6:47 pm
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