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The further adventures of Weasel’s fifty quid

On or around May 1, 2019 I bought £50 worth of bitcoin for a lark. I’ve posted about it before. The next day, it dropped £4 and I thought it served me right.

But by the end of the month, it was around £80 and it never dropped below £70 again.

The plan was to buy a little every month, but Coinbase won’t let me play any more without updated ID. I have my passport, but there’s some rule about it matching the country I’m living in. Probably a new rule, since they let me open an account in the first place. I believe they’d let me take the money out, but it’s more fun to watch it move around.

Remember, this is all from the original untouched £50 seed money. There’s the peak: November 14, 2021. £652.05. Whew!

So what is it in the wake of this whole FTX mess? £156.68. Not great, but a hell of a lot more money than it would have made sitting in a savings account for 30 months.

You know, watching past footage of world leaders smooching up to this FTX slob Sam Bankman-Fried in his shorts and t-shirt is really something. They thought them young’uns could really magic money out of thin air, did they? I mean, the gullible ones, not the co-conspirators.

When I went to buy my first computer, the salesman pointed to a boy messing with one of the display models and said, “look at that – kids are just natural at this stuff.” I didn’t know a whole lot about computers, but I could see the kid was just confidently mashing random buttons while the operating system spit back the digital equivalent of “please stop.”

November 17, 2022 — 7:13 pm
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