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Well, that was boring

I had to buy a scanned copy of a 19th C Sussex directory for work and it’s honestly the most boring. I was expecting ads for “Doctor Snodgrass Cocaine Suppositories” and “New! Modern! Electric hernia truss!” but no. This ad was the most interesting, if only for the word “dentifricium.”

We bought it for the directory part, but even that was a bust – it’s scanned but not OCR’ed, so it’s not searchable.

I did learn a new word – vade mecum. Okay, that’s two words. It’s a reference or guide you carry around and refer to constantly. The publisher of this directory also published something called the Letter Writer’s Vade Mecum and advertised it throughout. You can still find copies.

I read a sample. It was dreadful advice.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

November 18, 2022 — 7:08 pm
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