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The Judgement of a Weasel

Well! Brouhaha and skullduggery!

I call it for HottyTottyGirl. Leaving a placeholder in the rush of the moment and clarifying it later strikes me as within the spirit of the rules. In fact, I would much appreciate you correct a typo in this way, if you make one. I can’t properly search the thread with misspellings.

However, in the case LesterIII’s described, I probably would have judged otherwise. Making a pick and editing it to a completely different pick later is stretching “dirty tricks” too far. Though there would have been no dirty trick shaming, naturally. I assume it wasn’t a winning entry.

I am a little astonished at Uncle Al fighting his case. I owe him dick and have done for an embarrassingly long time. I’m surprised he’s still willing to play with me. Thank you, Uncle Al. May you harbinge another celebrity death soon. (No, harbinge is not a word).

This is not the giant security hole you might think. Comments are only editable by users for four minutes, after which you have to email and ask me to fix any problems. That’s a pretty tiny window for a self-respecting dirty trick.

And so, tomorrow I go back to work. Had a good holiday. Am sad.

January 2, 2023 — 7:23 pm
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