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Party like it’s 1311…

Hawkhurst fete last Saturday. It was started by this guy, Edward II, in 1311, who gave the land to the Abbots of Battle for a yearly fair. Same field. So that’s cool.

Have I ever described what the typical village fete is like? They’re of a pattern.

You take a cricket ground or other communal field and all around the edges are tents selling stuff. Food (cupcakes, fudge, honey, burgers), crafts, tat, art. Local charities. Fairground games.

In the middle is a display area, usually roped off with bales of hay to sit on. The entertainments vary depending on the size of the site. Hawks or horses or antique tractors. A brass band.

The little village ones usually have a fun dog show, with categories like The Waggiest Tail and the Fastest Sausage Eater.

Hawkhurst fete is on the small side, but it forever has a warm spot in my heart. In 2021, it was the first local fete to get permission after the long months of lockdown. I couldn’t believe it – people were hugging and shaking hands and not masking and standing close to each other. It was like a dream.

I have to tell you, it got really weird here. Man, I wish I’d kept a diary.

June 19, 2023 — 7:20 pm
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