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Cousin Spotty!

My cousin sent me this picture. She took it in a museum in Barbados. We are, in fact, related to Alexander Spotswood, a thing we keenly remember because our grandfather – an amateur painter with more enthusiasm than talent – made a copy of this portrait.

It hung in our grandparents’ house. We called him Cousin Spotty.

Wikipedia do say:

Alexander Spotswood (12 December 1676 – 7 June 1740) was a British Army officer, explorer and lieutenant governor of Colonial Virginia; he is regarded as one of the most significant historical figures in British North American colonial history.

Oh, I see. The “most significant historical figures” part is a good indication Cousin Spotty was some kind of distant cousin. My grandfather, bless him, was a terrible clout chaser.

I’ll have to ask my cousin. Some years ago, her daughter did the deep dive necessary to join the DAR.

I’d join myself, but it’s not exactly a prestige organization in Jollye Olde.

June 29, 2023 — 6:49 pm
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