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HottyTottyGirl picked Julian Sands in the Dead Pool, the actor who went missing on a hike in January.

His remains have now been found. He vanished on the 13th of January. She picked him a week later, on the 20th. I’m inclined to call that a Rule 0 violation.

But wait.

She argues that she has picked him in every Dead Pool ever since. I checked and she has.

Considering there was an excellent chance his body would never be found – or, if found, it was likely to cause Rule 0 issues – I call that an admirable commitment to a pick. Bordering on foolhardy.

HottyTottyGirl is no stranger to anomalous Dead Pools, of course. You might remember Round 161, where she picked “the Pope” and then had to clarify because there were two of the bastards alive at that point and one of them croaked. Uncle Al probably feels robbed there, as he carefully enumerated his pope one pick later.

Then there was Round 160, where Jerry Lee Lewis was declared dead, then declared alive, and then declared dead again. Our girl nipped in at Stage Two.

Still, I have a warm spot for eccentricity. They can’t time a six month old death with any accuracy. I choose to believe Julian Sands had ten days frolicking in the January sunshine on the slopes of Mt Baldy and declare it a win.

It is much too late for a Dead Pool today – so listen up, all you slebs. You have a week to croak and take yourselves out of the Pool.

Have a good weekend!

p.s. I’m astonished to learn thefritz’s sister is a forensic pathologist. That was my dream job, once.

June 30, 2023 — 6:36 pm
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