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Let’s talk underwear

Specifically thermal underwear.

Some years, it’s like God hits a light switch one day and makes summer turn to winter. Today has been such a day. Thank you, equinox.

I’m determined not to be cold this winter, so I’ve been shopping for some kind of longjohns. I find the world of fancy modern high-tech drawers very confusing. The new miracle fabrics are pitched to high performance winter athletes, who will be skiing or running and need something to wick sweat away.

That’s not me. I’m a sedentary old woman in a drafty 500 year old house and I just want to preserve all my precious body heat while I sit and shitpost. I don’t mind splashing out some money if the modern stuff is worth having.

Any underwear experts in the house? Am I just as well buying an old fashioned cotton union suit?

p.s. I know that’s a man in the picture, but it’s billed as unisex and it’s a woman in the main shot.

p.p.s. No, I do not want the zipper flap in the back, thank you.

p.p.p.s. Have a good weekend, everyone!

September 22, 2023 — 6:13 pm
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