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The last voyage of the Gallant Maid

We drove through the town of Rye this afternoon as they were building their bonfire.

The boat is a tradition. It harks back to olden times, when Rye was a harbor and sometimes groups of miscreants would go down to the dock and set fires. There’s a story that one ship’s captain was drinking and whooping and enjoying the spectacle, until he realized it was his own ship on fire.

The harbor silted up hundreds of years ago and the sea is miles away now, but if they can find a derelict boat, they lay it on the bonfire.

It’s a sad tradition, I think. This one even looks reparable.

Good bye, Gallant Maid, and good weekend to you all!

p.s. it looks like Rich Rostrom has won the Dick with Frank Borman. I saw it too late for this week, so you know the drill.

November 10, 2023 — 7:31 pm
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