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Wherein I tell on myself

Though I work for a historical society (no, I will not say ‘an’ historical society), my job is fairly physical. I have to set up tables and stack chairs and do a lot of minor janitorial work. I manage just fine. In fact, it’s a kick to have a job where I am prized for my youth and strength.

But we’ve just had a sad, rainy weekend where I sat in this comfy chair for two days hardly moving, and I’ve put my back out.

There’s a lesson in that, and I have resolutely refused to learn it for years.

The image is courtesy of deepai.org – the prompt was “a ferret lying on a sofa” in a Renaissance style. It’s not great, but my first try was “a weasel reclining on a sofa” in a fuzzy animal style, and the result was a pile of fur with two eyes set vertically at one end and a sort of nose on the other. Nightmare fuel.

Well, that was a short Dead Pool. Poor old Rosalynn Carter, cut down in her prime.

November 20, 2023 — 8:20 pm
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