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Cursed. CURSED!

This painting was recently sold for £20 at a junk shop near me. Then it was brought back. Then it was sold again. Then brought back. Then sold for £25.

Having acquired a reputation as accursed, it sold on Ebay to an attraction in London for £1,600. Yes, it’s a Hallowe’en story – I missed it at the time.

The article describes all the ill luck that supposedly has followed it, including to people at its final home.

Personally, I think it’s simply unnerving because her left eye is about twice the size of her right eye. It’s otherwise reasonably well painted, which somehow makes it worse.

People will only accept so much facial asymmetry.

RFK jr’s face gives me the willies. It’s like his left eye is trying to slide off his face, just like this guy (name that film!).

November 21, 2023 — 8:06 pm
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