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I named a chicken after this man

Any of you guys follow this man? It’s Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law in his final form. He had a pretty entertaining YouTube channel explaining lawsuits line by line. Wholesomeness was his gimmick. Married his highschool sweetheart, homeschooled their five kids, regular churchgoer.

I listened to hours of his content about five years ago. So much so, it was playing while my chicks were in the incubator and one seemed like it had imprinted on his voice when it hatched. I named it Rackets after him.

Then the lawsuit I was following came to trial, he was wrong about all of it, and I quit watching.

I’d heard he’d had a fall from grace (he actually won the uncoveted Lolcow of the Year from Kiwi Farms,which is a pretty steep fall) but I had no idea how far. That’s him in a recent stream on the right (he may or may not have something sexual going on under the desk at that moment).

This week, his pastor turned him in and the police busted down his door down and found filth, 25 grams of cocaine, his wife and sidepiece, guns (legal ones, but it’s a crime to have them where there are drugs). They won’t see their kids for a while.

If you want more, YouTube is all over it. Oh, and Rackets the rooster keeled over in the long grass one day, before ever his first “cock-a-doodle-doo.”

May 27, 2024 — 5:57 pm
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