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I found these alien pods growing in a small flower bed this weekend. You gardeners might recognize it; I aren’t one. Google lens (which is very good on images horticultural) told me it was cyclamen.

Yep. Uncle B planted some winter-flowering cyclamen in that bed.

Wikipedia tells me the name cyclamen refers to this round structure. It’s not a seed pod, though – it’s a tuber. Leaves and flowers grow from the top of it and roots grow from the bottom of it. Interesting beastie.

I took this snapshot on my old phone, which I use in the garden as a multimedia device. I spent a very angry half hour getting this image off the phone and onto my computer. Bluetooth failed, but wouldn’t tell me why. Email failed, but wouldn’t tell me why. Upload to Google Drive kept dropping wifi partway through and starting again from scratch. I tried two different USB cables and both were non-data cables (did you know there were data USB cables and charge only USB cables? I spent a different angry half hour learning that once).

Has anybody ever gotten that “nearby sharing” thing to work?

I couldn’t use my regular Google Photos because I’ve filled 99% of my allotted space. Every time I want to upload something I have to delete something first. In the end, I got it onto the Google Photos of an account I don’t use very often.

God, technology gets under my skin sometimes.

June 11, 2024 — 7:35 pm
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