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For you, my friends…

roastedmonkeynutsTesco’s roasted monkey nuts. Roasted monkey nuts. Say it with me: roasted monkey nuts.

Yeah. It’s what they call peanuts.

This isn’t my picture, though. I slung my camera off my shoulder in Tesco’s to snap a stealth photo, and my battery died.

So I nicked a pic off this person‘s Flickr stream. I tried to log into Flickr to leave a comment confessing, but I fell into Corporate Consolidation Hell.

Turns out my new ISP — British Telecom — uses Yahoo webmail, Yahoo owns Flickr and I can’t be logged into more than one. Can’t remember my Flickr or Yahoo details, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t tell Yahoo my real birfday or anything, so I’m stuck. Here’s my account for historical purposes, anyhow. Everybody wave to it.

Feh. Roasted monkey nuts.

December 29, 2008 — 8:48 pm
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