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The Lurve Banjo


It came! And it’s in better-than-expected shape. I got it mostly apart tonight. It was grubby as hell (and full of dead spiders!), but not too damaged and the metal bits don’t seem brittle or otherwise fatigued.

I had doubted that it really was homemade, but I’m not so sure now. See the horizontal guideline across the tailpiece in the picture? Clearly to line up the holes properly. Also, note the slightly crude scroll cuts at the edges. The geared tuners and spunover pot were probably cannibalized from another instrument, but I do think this was a labor of lurve, possibly on the part of a Swiss redneck.

Only hitch is, the neck is held to the pot with a pin through it. I don’t think I can get the pin out without breaking it off flush. It would be a kjillion times easier to fix this up if the neck and the pot were separated, but I may have to eat the inconvenience.

Wanna see another great British eccentric? Check out this eBay zither banjo. Barnes and Mullins is a well-known brand. It’s still around. In fact, my very best banjo is a B&M Lyratone. But I’ll let this one go…errr…unless, of course, the price stays stupid low.

March 2, 2016 — 10:34 pm
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