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Long weasel is long


And on Sunday we went to a country fair and I mauled somebody else’s weasel (“no, ma’am, that’s a ferret,” said the woman). That’s a fully grown ferret. It’s a female. Big size differential.

Sadly, chickens and ferrets are like matter and anti-matter. Plus, the cats would kill me.

Oh, and.


I bought another Spong mincer. Uncle B was like, “you’re going to convert the house into the Museum of Spong, aren’t you?”

No, silly. I’m only interested in tabletop Spong mincers with the asymmetrical base. My fetishes are highly specific.

It’ll be the Museum of Tabletop Spong Mincers with the Asymmetrical Base.

August 16, 2016 — 8:59 pm
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