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Let’s end the week on a dog


Lookit that face! He’s a healthy dog, apparently. Just has a nasty congenital jaw deformity. I confess: I only love this story because of this dog’s name.

Picasso. His name is Picasso.

Abandoned by his breeder, he went onto the euthanasia list right away. Duh. Somebody dumped his (normal looking) brother off, too, and they sat on Death Row together.

Then some guy put him on Instagram and now he’s one of the most-requested adoptees in California. Feelgood story ugly mutt.

It’s going to rain all weekend here, so I’m’onna paint. I need a beret and one of those big white smocks with the bow. Good weekend, everyone!

March 3, 2017 — 9:23 pm
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