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Yes, thefritz wins the dick! w00t! My apologies – I got in too late to set up a new Dead Pool. Which is okay; I like to give people a couple of days to prepare themselves. You know, for the rigors of a new Dead Pool. I’ll push it to next Friday and hope your favorite doesn’t croak in the next seven days.

Here, easily distractible friends, look at the kitties! Our local big cat charity has announced their snow leopard has had two kittens.

If you’re looking for something to do this afternoon, there are worse ways to spend it than watching snow leopard videos on Youtube. There isn’t much footage of them, but they are amazing. Those tails! That coat! The weirdly human faces!

The adults anyway. The cubs are just BIG, FLOOFY KITTENS. Good weekend, all!

June 28, 2019 — 8:21 pm
Comments: 11