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Outdoor chocolate

The town was called Bunny, you see. It’s in Nottinghamshire.

So Nestlé snuck in in the middle of the night and renamed it Easter Bunny and built this ten-foot-tall chocolate rabbit. Yes, it’s all chocolate. Upwards of a hundred pounds of the stufff. The basket – also chocolate – has 698 treats in it, one for each person in the village.

The article describes it as a surprise to the village, but surely the mayor or someone was in on it. I feel like you have to have permission.

I mean, this is a nice story and all, but something about outdoor chocolate bothers me. I mean, won’t it…melt or get stuff stuck in it or the seagulls and rats and vandals will eat it and shit all over everything. It seems big unsanitary.

Oh, well. Bunny gets a park bench out of it – not made from chocolate.

March 28, 2023 — 6:35 pm
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