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It wasn’t far

A widow from Hastings panicked when she found Paul McCartney’s bass in her attic last week. It had been stolen in 1972, after the breakup, and was the subject of an intense search in recent years.

The article isn’t strong on specifics. At some point, it was sold to a landlord and somehow made its way into the collection of her late husband, a guitar collector. You have to think he must have suspected what it was.

She was in the process of cataloguing the collection with an eye to selling it to fund her kids’ college. It’s back with McCartney now and they don’t say if money changed hands but I doubt he’d stiff a poor widder-lady, even if it was stolen property.

I gather Hofners are not particularly good instruments, but he played it on their first two albums and a bunch of hits. He’s holding backwards in the picture because he’s a lefty, if you recall.

Funny thing is, he lives in Peasmarsh – about ten miles from Hastings.

February 26, 2024 — 7:58 pm
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