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Bidet Week continues at sweasel.com

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Hey, this graphical thingie came in handy quicker than expected.

Yes, it’s a year today since I first posted on WordPress. I paid them $15 for the ability to edit my stylesheet, and that expired yesterday. I don’t know if that simply means I can’t edit the CSS any more, or if they’ll actively remove the changes I made and revert it to a default template.

For those who don’t know from stylesheets, CSS controls everything about the look of a site: font size and style, number of columns, color scheme…the lot. If they blow up my customizations, it’s going to get real ugly. So far nothing’s changed.

Anyhoo! I started the original site as a distraction before a trip to the UK. I’m a pretty good traveler, but I worry excessively beforehand. Nothing like a big wet sloppy pile of HTML to occupy the brain.

Several months later, in the face of no demand whatsoever and dismal traffic, I bought the domain sweasel.com. And the rest, as they say, is footnote.

I’ve learned a lot in the past year. I’ve learned that leaving a Plymouth Belvedere in a pit for fifty years is a Very Bad Idea. I’ve learned that boobies drive traffic but cats kill it. I’ve learned that I’m a girl.

No, wait…you learned that. I pretty much knew it already.

But mostly, I’ve learned to pull posts out of my ass. One every weekday. Sometimes in the wee hours, when I could barely focus or summon the will to touch-type and just flailed away with my elbows. Sometimes at work, because let’s face it: I’m salaried. Sometimes in that brief, frantic period between the evening commute and the moment the vodka hits my frontal lobes and I start hanging all over you, blubbering about what wunnerful, wunnerful people you are and what a lucky, lucky girl I am and heylissen thur playn Our Song.

Together, we’ve written booger haiku and and poems about Peanut Lady Fuck. We’ve swapped recipes and old family stories and supernumery nipples. We’ve shared and, I’d like to think, grown together just a little.

So here’s to the next twelve months of sweasel.com!

Or not. Whatever.

October 1, 2007 — 12:39 pm
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