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Happy birthday, lemon sucker!

edsel of the undead

Fifty years of Edsel.

Edsel had been a provisional name for the car, while researchers probed other possibilities. A few priceless duds emerged, like Elkherd and Utopian Turtletop. Pleasant-sounding nominees like Phoenix, Altair, and Citation were also on the table. In the end, however, a Ford committee decided it was fitting to name the car after Henry Ford’s son, even though research showed that consumers associated the word with “diesel” and “weasel.”

I resemble that remark.

Get the whole story from US Snooze and Edsel World. It’s surprisingly interesting, if you find that kind of thing surprisingly interesting.

Me, I’m getting ready to fly to Jolly Olde early Tuesday morning. I’ll set this to autopost Monday morning. I ain’t blogging from Stepfordtech, that’s for sure!

October 15, 2007 — 7:20 am
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