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Confirmed by embassy. Headed my way via FedEx. Made my plane reservations. Charlotte and I are going right from the real estate closing on Tuesday the 25th directly to the Virgin Atlantic Cargo area. We will arrive in Jollye Olde on Wednesday the 26th, just in time to thaw the Thanksgiving turkey (damn right I make him eat turkey. Though it doesn’t take a very hard push, I must say).

But now…cancelling services, final packing, movers. So many phone calls…so very lazy…

I had intended to give you a full frontal Flaming Weasel (eat your heart out, Ace), but it’s all going very fast now and I had barely enough time to Frankenstein this clumsy thing. It’s rough and unoptimized and not really suitable for web work, but you get the idea.

Dream of all the wonderful furry woodland creatures I will set on fire in England…!

November 17, 2008 — 1:19 pm
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