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Some results of my Political Junkie Tour of Belle Meade above. Really couldn’t get a bead on Algore’s house; too many trees. It’s big. Frist’s is ginormous.

Okay, here’s the shed-yule:

8:30 Vet appointment — yay, we’re getting wormed!
11:00 Movers
6:00 A friend picks me up to take a last box to FedEx and have dinner

First thing: empty and clean the fridge, tidy generally
11:00 Real estate agent picks me up
11:30 Closing
3:00 Cat dropped at freight place
9:00 Our mutual plane leaves
2:15 (7:15 local time) We arrive at Heathrow. Clearing a cat through takes 3-4 hours. Don’t ask me why.
6:00 (11:00) My driver arrives.

Deep breath — here we go! I’m shutting down this machine…

November 24, 2008 — 7:53 am
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