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And other things that don’t make sense


Can anybody explain the hunger strike to me? Why they ever work, I mean.

You’re in prison, say. A political dissident. Your government would like to be rid of you, but doesn’t dare execute you. So you announce you’re going to starve yourself to death.

I’m thinking that’s a win for everybody.

Oh, well. Bunch of students in Texas are hunger striking in favor of the DREAM act, AKA the petite amnesty. L’amnestita.


Thanksgiving week, and a bunch of kids 18-20-something will go entirely without food. Uh-huh. My experience of that demographic is, they’re an assortment of insatiable appetites on legs.

Anyhow, travel safe. Don’t let Janet Napolitano mess with your bikini area. Hug Grandma for me.

I’ve got a pumpkin pie to make. I have to tell you, the stuff I scraped out of that pumpkin doesn’t smell ANYthing like familiar old pumpkin pie.

I suspect the chickens’ll have it.





November 24, 2010 — 9:24 pm
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