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‘Tis the season

God, politics is weird these days. I never thought I’d be so angry at a Republican win, nor so delighted at a Democrat win. I speak, of course, of Murkowski and Pelosi.

Oh, well. Two ugly, selfish old broads. The illustrator in me should be delighted. (Speaking of dessicated old illustrations, that’s my Zombie-Santa-in-progress for this year. Also, don’t touch my junk, imagery shamelessly stolen from Iowahawk).

Oh, and I’ve been test-driving Rockmelt, a new browser that integrates Twitter and Facebook. If I know my clientele, I’d guess you guys are mostly dyed-in-the-wool Twitter/FB resisters, but it does have a few interesting features.

It’s built around Chrome, so it’s VERY nimble and quick. I’ve got FireFox going at the same time, and the difference is striking. Whatever you happened to be reading, you can click a button to Tweet it or put it into your status on FB. And it’s got a neat little translation program — land on a page in another language (happens to me a lot) and it’ll offer to translate it for you. Does a pretty good job, too.

Invitation only. You can probably wangle an invite out of them directly (it’s nowt more than a marketing gimmick, after all). If not, I have a couple to share. Drop me a line.

November 17, 2010 — 10:32 pm
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Bring it up again and we’ll all vote on it

The upchuck. The rolf. The spew. The barf. The chunder. The technicolor yawn. Feel free to share some of your favorites; I might need them.

It was the damnedest thing. I made some elderberry cordial — a pound of elderberries in a demijohn, pour 750 ml of vodka over it, let it sit for two months, strain it off, add sugar to taste. It was absolutely delicious. I had my first sip last night — a thimbleful in my mother-in-law’s tiny cordial glass — and half an hour later…well. You know where that’s going.

What the hell could that be all about?

Plus, Uncle B has a cold. Uncle B has an intense, consuming, irrational hatred of colds. That never made sense to me, until I realized…

He’s been self-employed most of his working life. A cold is nothing but misery to him. He feels like shit, and he has a normal work day anyhow.

Me, I punched a time-clock most of my working life. Unless I had a critical deadline to deal with, a cold meant I got a couple of days off with pay to schlub around the house in my PJ’s, enjoy the narcoleptic embrace of Nyquil, watch TV, sit up in bed alternately reading and dozing, and feed a cold with all my might. Sure, a stopped up nose is miserable, but a rhinovirus was otherwise a happy mini-vacation for me.

Oh, well. It’s all misery in Badger House today.

— 12:08 am
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