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Okay, who woke up the Vikings?

Iceland is going to build its first temple to the Norse gods in a thousand years. Their high priest admits he doesn’t think his congregation believes in a one-eyed god on an eight-legged horse, it’s more about celebrating life’s rituals in a way that acknowledges their history. Weddings, comings of age. That sort of thing.

I can see this idea catching on. It’s more or less how I approach the church myself.

Oh, and I found this: some Aussie did analysis a few years ago on Viking bones dug up in the North of England and found half of them were women. Sadly, they probably weren’t warrior princesses. Though one woman was buried with weapons, most were not and it stands to reason they came in as settlers.

The most badass illegal immigrants EVAH.

Completely unrelated: Google Earth Pro is now free. Used to be a few hundred bucks a year. Pro gives you things like four times the print resolution and tools for measuring area. I just tried to sign up for a license, though, and got ‘technical error’ so they’re probably being hammered. I’m’a stick with it until I get it — I *love* Google Earth.

Happy Monday, y’all!

February 2, 2015 — 10:31 pm
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