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Hit by a Buick


The news today has been full of the untimely arrival of the Buicks, which confused me mightily until I saw it in print. Bewick. As in Bewick’s Swan.

Every year, a few hundred of the feathery bastards flee Siberia to balmy England in Fall. Their arrival is a herald of the start of Winter.

A herald. I haven’t checked the woolly caterpillar forecast yet.

Anyhoo, this year they arrived earlier than ever, which everyone agrees is a sign of Deep Shit. It’s one of several Bad Signs for the coming Winter, not least of which that it is effing cold already.

Meh. Not ready.

I sometimes wonder if this is why global warming was such an easy sell in the UK: wishful thinking.

October 13, 2015 — 9:17 pm
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