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It’s here!


It’s Inktober!

I can hear your anguished groans of delight.

First time I tried it, I did three or four terrible drawings and quit. Next time — last year — I did lots and lots of terrible drawings. And then quit.

Thinking about it, if you’re doing terrible drawings, the sooner you quit the better.

Oh well. Let us begin our wild, if probably brief, journey.

Oh, yes, I’m looking at you, weirdly foreshortened thumb. It is an axiom of working from photos: if something doesn’t look right — even if it is measurably, demonstrably right — it ain’t right.

Photos are stupid.

But that’s the thing about working in ink. You just got to suck it up buttercup resolve to do better next time.



October 1, 2019 — 7:36 pm
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