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In ink, everyone’s hands look gnarly. But this is an old lady with hand eczema, so fair enough.

I can never spell eczema without looking it up. I really feel there should be an x in there. And I supposedly suffered with eczema for, like, five years. Then they decided it was psoriasis, which I can spell just fine and don’t need no x. Whatever it was, nothing they did helped much but steroid cream, and that shit’s evil.

Then I took turmeric and it went away. Poof. Like that. I wasn’t even taking it for that. I was taking it for joint pain, for which it did absolutely bupkis.

I know, I know…stupid hippie holistic medicine woo. But every time it tries to flare up, I take a spoonful of turmeric with freshly-cracked black pepper and it simply goes away.

I’m ain’t argue with that.

October 2, 2019 — 6:35 pm
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