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In ink, everyone’s hands look gnarly. But this is an old lady with hand eczema, so fair enough.

I can never spell eczema without looking it up. I really feel there should be an x in there. And I supposedly suffered with eczema for, like, five years. Then they decided it was psoriasis, which I can spell just fine and don’t need no x. Whatever it was, nothing they did helped much but steroid cream, and that shit’s evil.

Then I took turmeric and it went away. Poof. Like that. I wasn’t even taking it for that. I was taking it for joint pain, for which it did absolutely bupkis.

I know, I know…stupid hippie holistic medicine woo. But every time it tries to flare up, I take a spoonful of turmeric with freshly-cracked black pepper and it simply goes away.

I’m ain’t argue with that.


Comment from DurnedYankee
Time: October 2, 2019, 7:04 pm

I can second your turmeric story.

I read in March or so it helps with inflammation and figured it was worth a try. The beginning of the year my fingers started aching something awful and if I accidentally banged them against something it would send a shock through me.
Started on the turmeric as a ‘what the hell have I got to lose’ and it’s worked.
The swelling has gone down on all but one recalcitrant finger. Left index finger…wouldn’t you know it.

Now it sticks out like a…
don’t say it….

and keep drawin dammit! If I had your talent I’d…probably be dirt poor drawing pictures no one would buy.

Maybe draw Cowboy Poets and get a grant from the gubmint!

Comment from drew458
Time: October 2, 2019, 7:54 pm

I’m developing arthritis in my knees. At this point I’ve had the steroid shots, which work wonders for a few weeks, and the hylauronic acid (made from rooster combs!) which help long term. Before that I was advised to do the glucosamine/MSM and full anti-oxidant supplement routine. I looked up a bunch – pepperine, boswallia, curcumin, etc, and realized the answer was to eat Indian and Thai food all the time. Plus berries. It was very good, but got expensive real quick. Now I just take the glucosamine and go out for Thai food once a week. And get the shots twice a year.

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