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With a name like that, what did they expect…?

We have workmen in doing workman stuff in the office this week. One of them told me he went to a coffee shop in London called Fuckoffee. Hipster place.

I thought that was funny, so I looked it up. First hit I got was this article slamming this sign outside: “THIS IS THE LONGEST SOMETHING MADE IN CHINA HAS EVER LASTED.” Re: the bug, naturally.

I’m not sure what they were angrier about, being blamed for the virus or the insult to the quality of their goods, but they big mad.

To be fair, it’s an East Asian advocacy group. East Asians want so desperately badly to be picked-upon POCs.

The article is from April; I hope they didn’t cave and take down the sign.

November 9, 2021 — 5:22 pm
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