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Get me down!

Pretty high up for a fat boy. Most of the time, a cat picture like this actually a cat caught mid-yawn, but our lad there really was screaming at me.

He’s a talky boy, is our fat black-and-white. He’s shouting at me to get him down – not because he’s scared, but because he likes us to lift him down off high places. We call it playing tree.

And while I was searching for that post, I found this post of him as a lad, before he had the snip.

I also learned that 13 years ago, this blog was the number one hit on Google Images for “cat testicles.” Sadly, I’m not even on the first three pages any more.

Don’t google it. You will see things you can never unsee.

April 20, 2022 — 6:49 pm
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