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What it is living in a 500 year old house, part #563

Ivy. Growing through a tiny hole in the wood of the windowsill.

I went outside and stripped the brick of all the parent ivy, but this little shoot still thrives. You know what that means, yeah? It’s living off stuff in the house.

The walls are about a foot thick and apparently solid…cement? So godnose. Some Georgian peasant probably walled up grandma.

Eh. I exaggerate. The house was built somewhere between 1505, when the first house in the neighborhood was built, and 1610, when we have a delinquent tax bill for the property. So somewhere between 413 and 518 years old. It’s a real fixer upper.

No, we don’t owe 413 years worth of interest and penalties. They forgive it after seven years.

May 15, 2023 — 6:54 pm
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