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Lookit this!

This message popped up on my phone well over a week before my actual birthday. What’s sinister about that is that I never give the internet my real birthday – my internet birthday is April 1. So how did Google Assistant get the real one?

I worry about the growing pervasiveness of Google. The number of times lately I’ve bought something online from some little podunk shop and they send a confirmation number undbidden to my cellphone, which I didn’t give them.

Oh! Why yes, my birthday is a-coming. I’m taking the week off to observe it. I’ll be around – I’m hoping the weather will be nice and I can potter around the garden all week – but I will auto-queue some posts so I don’t have to exercise my little braincell.

Bonus! I get next Monday off to celebrate Charlie’s becrowning.

May 1, 2023 — 4:00 pm
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