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Old woman is lost and confused

I thought for sure I’d called a new Dead Pool when Kissinger died. He was a fan favorite. Apparently, I did not.

So when I called it for Norman Lear, I thought it was a whole ‘nother Dead Pool. It was not.

Unwinning someone seems a churlish move, so I will recognize TheFritz as the proper winner of Dead Pool 172, and Armybrat a co-winner by way of my incompetence. It has been done before, ISTR.

Rich Rostrum, as usual, pulled me up on it. Rich, for accounting purposes, would you prefer I called Armybrat’s win DP 173?

The picture is the first row of examples when you give the prompt lost and confused old woman to Craiyon.com. These were the least worst – one old dear looked like she was bleeding from the eyes.

And no, none of these old women look a thing like me.

December 7, 2023 — 7:49 pm
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