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Some little girls learned to cross-stitch

Me, I was murder on a Heathkit.

That’s the pen to my original old Wacom graphics tablet, which has been back and forth across the Atlantic many times, was chewed to bits by a teething kitten and finally heaved a sigh and stopped responding a couple of months ago. I have a newer, spiffier tablet for my desktop machine upstairs, but it’s been a pain in the ass not having a graphical wotsit to go with my laptop.

Turns out, a replacement pen is more expensive than buying a whole new rig on eBay, so I decided to try to Frankenstein this one back together.

See those two little wires? Yeah, the ones in the circle with the arrow pointing to them, Einstein. They lead from the coil in the tip back to the circuit board, along a hard piece of plastic. So every time the innards shifted in the outards, it crushed those poor little buggers until they finally broke.

Just a spoonful of solder, and I’m back in business.

Speaking of graphics, meet my new BFF. No, not Hillary — Jason Seiler (pronounced “syler”), the guy who drew this. I sent him a fan letter, and he wrote back and said “thanks” — so there you go!

I saw his illustration for this Weekly Standard piece and had to Google it. Turns out, I’ve seen (and lusted after) his stuff before.

Seriously, take a few minutes and browse through his main web site. He’s got some amazing work in there (at least hit the entertainment and political galleries).

Dude kicks multiple kinds of ass, including a couple of kinds of ass I didn’t even know existed.


March 2, 2010 — 11:23 pm
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